Another corner turned on the long and winding road…

The Combined Authority for Greater Manchester has just released its climate change strategy.

This is a good thing, and its eyecatching target of a 48% cut in emissions against 1990 levels must be applauded. It’s fair to say that ‘we’ve come a long way baby’ – and the cooler team have been “in there” from the early days.

Here are the headlines –

  • ‘We will make a rapid transition to a low carbon economy.
  • ‘Our collective carbon emissions will have been reduced by 30% to 50%.
  • ‘We will be prepared for and actively adapting to a rapidly changing climate.
  • ‘Carbon literacy’ will have become embedded into the culture of our organisations, lifestyles and behaviours.

And look at the fine print and there’s a commitment to including ‘Scope 3’ emissions – or total carbon footprinting – to enable us to make that quantum leap from simply measuring the energy we buy to the embedded energy that it takes to make the goods and services that we use. We like this a lot because; ‘as any fule no’, it doesn’t matter where the CO2 is produced, by your gas guzzler or in the factory that made your i-phone, it all goes into the atmosphere. So, a city region that is accounting for its total carbon footprint is not exporting its pollution elsewhere.

More on this from Steve Connor:

And more on the strategy when I’ve had more time to read it.

Phil Korbel

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